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Friday, February 8, 2013


I’m probably a ‘take no prisoners’ type personality which in some aspects would be more attractive on a guy in some settings… New York… Boston… you get the picture. Anyway, with that personality goes the verbage. I’ve been told on occasion (ok, ok, on lots of occasions) that I could make a sailor blush when I get wound up. Sorry, I’ll wait for you to wipe that mock shock off your face. Better now? The thing is, with no one around you to call you out on it well, you just kinda tend to keep doing it. And if I were bartending at a longshoremen bar in Boston I’d most likely be right at home but, I’m not.

And, speaking of looks, being in this relationship is eye-opening to me – mostly looking right at me actually. First, when he didn’t ask if the relationship plane had a parachute at the first sight of me without makeup I figured I had a pretty good shot.

Guys, let me help you out here - when your lady let’s you see her without makeup that first time she’s actually making a much bigger statement. It’s a serious statement on her trust in you. And I’m so glad I made it over that particular jump still in the saddle. So, a word to the wise here: when she trusts you enough to show you her true look don’t be like one moron I was told about. I suggest you not later say something like “I prefer you with makeup”. That’s kinda like telling someone they have a great face for radio and her staying with you is about as likely as a barrel racer winning the NFR on a three-legged horse.

Moral of the story today is just like in a Grand Prix jump, in any relationship about the time you recover your stride from one jump, there’s another one up ahead. In a Grand Prix, knocking down a rail can cause you to stumble and earn you a fault but keeping your composure and making smart choices can get you across that finish line with a good time and a good run.  Guess the same could be said for relationships…

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