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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


It never ceases to amaze me how some people just never learn... Hang on a second, I need to get a better footing on my soap box here... Ok, that's better.  Where was I? Oh, yeah, learning - or in this case, NOT. Now, I know I've addressed these things in the past but it bears repeating sometimes because it's just so danged funny!

Let me start with this: You meet a guy that you think has potential; he has looks, he's smart, same interests, kids (the whole enchilada as they say), so you decide to give him a chance. For awhile you're thinking "Wow, this one has potential... Wonder why he's single? Hmm." Word to the wise - never ask  a question you might not want the answer to! Chances are, you're gonna find out soon enough. 

It's been my experience lately that the distance from 'potential' to 'problem' is about the same as the distance between the words in the dictionary. And distance is actually part of the equation.  Now, I know in today's society the phrase 'geographically undesirable' has a different meaning than it once did, what with modern technology, Facebook, Twitter - you get the picture.  But, in my opinion, just because there's distance between you doesn't mean there should be a gap in gentleman manners.  

What happened to the days of old when gentlemen callers picked up their date? Yes, I know times (and date driving have changed). But I still believe that only after you've really entered into a relationship then if you're seeing someone who is a little bit of a drive away, both parties should become familiar with the phrase "That highway runs both directions." 

Any guy who always expects a girl to do all the driving to see him is like the guy who thinks you should go dutch on the first date - they both automatically lose the right to ask himself why he's divorced.