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Thursday, January 31, 2013

IT'S "HUG YOUR HONEY" DAY - somewhere

Well, I’m almost afraid to jinx it but so far so good. I am officially in a real grown-up relationship – with a real grown-up even! It’s a promising start to a trail ride that I sincerely hope doesn’t end like a pack mule going over a cliff in the Grand Canyon.
It’s interesting actually; he didn’t even ask where the eject button was when I explained about writing this blog or some of the colorful escapades which were the background and cause of it in the first place. What? Seriously? I didn’t tell you how we met? Oh, sorry. Well, you’re not gonna believe it but we met online. Oh, come on, what are you 12?! Now please go get me a paper towel so I can wipe your coffee off my glasses thank you very much. As I was saying – yes, we met online and he is perfectly normal… no hang-ups, no horrific habits, no hand-me-down drama (just the way I like it).
As a matter of fact, we went to the Fort Worth Stockshow and Rodeo the other night and something happened that was just short of amazing. Please, must you always go ‘there’?! After the rodeo we stayed to visit with a good friend of mine (a male friend) that I hadn’t seen in several months. Well, me being me, without even thinking twice about it I ran right up and hugged my friend squealing a happy greeting. Yes, I instantly introduced my date and my friend and we all had a terrific visit.
What’s what? Oh, the amazing, right. Anyway, it wasn’t even until sometime later that I realized what had happened (or really what had NOT happened) – NO SCENE. For my part I probably should have warned my boyfriend that I have a habit of greeting all of my friends (male and female alike) with a hug – that’s just how I am. But, I didn’t, and as it turns out, it actually gave me another insight into my darling. There was no tantrum verbal or silent. You’ve never heard of a silent tantrum? Sure you have. Those are the ones that are kinda like the silent alarm going off during a jewelry heist – trouble’s acoming down the trail you just don’t know it yet. In this case, FORTUNATELY, it took a left at the fork in the trail before it got to me.
So with this, allow me to provide a teachable moment. First, always let your other half know that hugs are not just reserved for them and cute puppies. Second, make sure you hug your other half longer than you hug your friends so they can see the difference!
A hug is merely a universal sign of appreciation while a tantrum is a universal sign of depreciation.  I propose we have a “HUG YOUR HONEY” day. Why not? We have a day for everything else!

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